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Why I choose to be a 100% salt-free raw vegan

Raw Veganism has many amazing benefits, here I will list a few of them:

BECAUSE OF THE PHYSICAL BENEFITS: Cooked food is extremely addictive, some people say it is more addictive than heroin. Our house is a raw food zone  because if we would just have a little cooked food, now and then, it would change to quickly more. It is very hard to just have a little cooked food because the harmful bacteria in our gut thrive on cooked food. They will demand to be fed more and more. This is why it is so hard not to overeat on cooked food and not to start the cycle of addiction again.
Cooking destroys the fibre in food that is why one can eat large amounts of cooked food in one go and still not be satisfied. Because cooked food has no fibre and is acidifying, lots of it gets stuck in the pockets of our intestines. Fibre cleans the colon, food without fibre can not clean the colon. This is how obese people can die of malnutrition. The accumulation in the pockets of the intestines makes it too hard for nutrition to pass through the intestinal walls.

BECAUSE OF THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BENEFITS: On 100 % raw vegan food I feel blissful. I have no aches or pains, I feel energetic and do not need much sleep, I can focus much longer and much better in meditation. When I feel good physically it is much easier to be positive. On 100% salt-free raw vegan food it is easy for me to rise above thoughts of worries or negative emotions such as anger. Salt is a stimulant just like coffee. It stimulates our lower mind. In my experience, it is very hard to focus the attention above the negative mind when one is on a diet that includes salt and coffee.

BECAUSE OF THE SPIRITUAL BENEFITS: Food is an attachment. One day each of us has to learn to detach from food. Our home is the spiritual region of unconditional love and bliss, where we do not need food. The only way to go there is to be unconditional love. On 100 % raw vegan food it is much easier for me to rise above the lower mind, which is inherently selfish, and to replace anger with empathy. We are not the lower mind, we are not the emotions, and we are not the physical body. When we rise above the lower mind, we start to experience our true self, which is fearless, all-knowing, and unconditionally loving. Then our only desire will be to serve others. Love and empathy for others, which comes from our higher self, will rule us. The need to control, to blame, to be better than, or to be right, which all comes from the lower mind, will fade away. Meditation purifies our physical, mental, and emotional body simultaneously. Raw food helps us to be able to mediate with better focus and concentration.

Photo: Raw vegan tv dinner for my husband. All recipes from my books/ebooks.