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When we were children, most of us were joyful and happy. We lived in the moment and did not have any worries. Unfortunately, the older we get, the stronger the lower mind’s influence over us becomes.
As teenagers, we are confused and do not know ourselves. We struggle to find out what we should do with our lives. We rebel against our parents because we want to find our own solutions.
As young adults, we might have our first experience with a toxic relationship and try to find out about true love. We ask ourselves what is true love? Is it really so hard to find?
If we’re lucky, we might find true meditation, which will help us to get in contact with the love inside of us, which is always waiting for us to turn towards it.
If we are very very lucky we also find raw food, which will help us to control the lower mind more and more.
My mother used to say, “Before you marry, watch your man carefully and look at his negative habits. If he does not work to improve himself in regards to his character, then the same negative habits will become stronger and stronger when he is old.”
Have you noticed that young people smile a lot more than older people? It seems that the world is weighing down on the person and the corners of the mouth pull down more and more the older they get. It is like the world is weighing down on their minds. In actual fact it is the lower mind which weighs down on us more and more the older we get, if we do not chip away at it.
The older we get, the stronger our lower mind becomes if we do not work on it on a daily basis.
Raw food and meditation chips away on the lower mind like water flows over a stone and hollows the stone. Or like chipping away with an axe on a mountain. In the beginning it seems hopeless. However, the more we chip away, the more we find our joy again which is hidden in the centre of the mountain.
If we do nothing, the lower mind will take over and weigh like a heavy mountain down on us more and more until we struggle to smile. It is the most important work in this world to train our lower mind because it is our duty to enjoy every moment in this world so we can be good examples. If we do not train the lower mind/ego self, it will behave like an untrained naughty dog and do whatever it wants. If it does whatever it wants, it will bring us into big trouble.
My life has been dedicated for over 30 years to the improvement of my lower mind and the glorification and liberation of my true self, the soul. I have dedicated the Walking With Lions Series of ebooks to the liberation of the soul.
If you are interested in chipping away on your lower mind and experiencing your true self, which is light, bliss, joy, wisdom, and unconditional love, follow me on chipping away at the lower mind. If you are interested, I suggest you start with my first ebook, Walking With Lions: PRACTICING ONENESS, link in comments.
I am almost finished with my second ebook in this series THE ART OF SURRENDER, which will hopefully be published before the end of the year.
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