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If you are not a rawfoodist, but you are interested in becoming one, it would be good to ask yourself why you want to become a rawfoodist because the motive will define if you will suceed on this lifestyle.
Here are some different types of rawfoodists:
Some people who prepare raw food are not automatically rawfoodists. They might just like the creative aspect of being a raw chef, but they eat cooked food after work. So they will not have experienced the benefits of being fully raw and will not be able to help you become fully raw.
Matthew Kenney, for example, is a chef who also prepares raw food, but he is not a rawfoodist because he also eats cooked food. For a raw food chef it is not important to use alkalising ingredients, so they might use non-raw ingredients, such as salt, coconut sugar, agar agar, etc.
Other people are short term rawfoodists because they want to lose weight. They will also not be able to help you become fully raw because they will not be interested in the creative aspect of a raw vegan lifestyle. They have not fully committed themselves to a raw vegan lifestyle because they are only interested in the short-term change until they lose the desired amount of weight. They will be looking forward to the cooked food after they lose the weight.
Being obsessed with body image and looks is a sign that a person is operating on the level of the ego and that person won’t be able to truly be of service to others. This Rawfoodist will also not be able to help you become a healthy permanent Rawfoodist.
The rawfoodist for health reason might be a rawfoodist who is afraid of certain raw ingredients, such as raw oils, nuts, and seeds. They might be very careful about the ingredients they use and their diet might be so restricted that it would not be sustainable for a newcomer and it may not be sustainable in the long run.
Fear is not a good thing in any situation. It is important to have a balanced lifestyle. When on raw food, we should eat when we are hungry and not restrict ourselves. Also eating avocados, nuts, and seeds will satisfy us quicker and we will not have to eat large amounts of fruit and salads in one sitting.
When we come from a long-term cooked food way of life it is not reasonable to expect a person to immediately live a very pure life on just fruit and salads. Dehydrating food is a very important aspect of the raw food lifestyle because it reminds us of cooked food and it will keep us satisfied on raw food. When you also eat dehydrated food recipes, you can sustainably stay on raw food for a very long time. You will be able to manage your cravings for cooked foods and after some time the cravings for cooked foods will stop completely.
A person who eats fruit only might find it physiologically unsustainable in the long term. When we eat even small amounts of cooked food, we lose the taste for raw food. The gut bacteria will change back to cooked food bacteria and they will crave more cooked food. This is how we lose interest in raw foods.
The spiritual raw foodist is a longterm rawfoodist who is a salt-free rawfoodist because salt is a stimulant and feeds the lower emotions like impatience, frustration, and anger.
For the spiritual Rawfoodist raw food is a tool for raising their vibration to the frequency of the higher self. They realise that they are a better person on raw food and can be of better service to others.
They are raw for life because they do not want to feed the lower mind.
That person will also achieve the full support of their higher self in creating recipes and in sustaining their focus on the good.
These rawfoodists are the good examples we all should seek.
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