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There are many negative consequences from eating meat. The most far reaching and detrimental consequences from consuming animal products are of spiritual nature. We are not the body, nor are we the mind or the emotions, we are love. The more we indulge our senses in a practice that brings harm to other beings, the more we are moving away from our true self. Love does no harm!
The health consequences of consuming animal products are widely known thanks to many good movies and videos. A plantbased lifestyle is known to reverse the greatest of health challenges. So why are vegetarians still in the minority amongst humans? Because in order to return to our true self, we have to wake up from the illusion of who we are. We have to overcome the domination of the ego.
In this new video (click here to watch), I will share with you some shocking revelations I was given over my 30+ years of living a plantbased lifestyle, and I will also share with you a solution on how to overcome the ego self.
My raw vegan hot dogs with the lot.
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