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Raw Food and Anti Ageing

Becoming a vegetarian and a vegan was very easy for me. Once I realised, that it was better for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health and the planet, I just did it. At the same time, I also stopped having alcohol.
I was vegan for several years and not feeling as I thought I would before I made the connection. I felt sluggish in my meditation, I had discoloured skin on my face, and I thought that this was just part of getting older (I was 35).
I asked for guidance in my meditation, and the answer was to cleanse with foods that alkalise the body. After eating only raw food for a month, I was a different person. I had tons of energy, creativity, and focus, my skin was back to normal (actually more beautiful and radiant than I had ever experienced!), and I felt blissful. I was determined to never eat cooked food again because I felt AMAZING on raw food.
When I met my vegan husband, he convinced me that it was not practical to be on raw food while travelling. I returned to eating cooked vegan food for a couple of weeks, just plain steamed vegetables, and the difference was shocking. My bliss was gone, my facial skin started sagging, and I began to sprout grey hair.
I felt depressed and did not recognise myself. Taking the lifeforce out of my food was taking the life out of my body.
I went back on raw food and returned to my bliss. My skin went back to normal, and I stopped sprouting grey hair. I realised that being on raw food, not only influenced how I felt, but also stopped my ageing process. (Thanks to my husband for this realisation! Without him, I would have never gone back to cooked food and experienced the difference.)
Being on raw food by myself was very easy, but the hardest part of my journey was still to come.
My husband and I had two children, and my son was born with eczema and asthma.
My children were vegan since birth. I noticed very early on that my son broke out when he had inorganic sodium (salt which is not part of a plant). I took him and the whole family off salt/soy/gluten, and he stopped having eczema breakouts. However, he still had trouble with his breathing. Until my husband decided it was enough and asked me to put the children on raw food, too. This was when my son got better. It took him a year to clean out the mucus and be totally asthma free. And then came Christmas with my husband’s family…..
After eating cooked vegan food my son and daughter had a hard time going back to raw food and my son started to develop asthma again. We went back on raw food, and he got rid of the mucus once again.
The hardest part of my journey has been to keep my children raw, that is why I created so many tasty raw vegan recipes and recipe books. I cried many many times when my children didn’t like my new creations. Preparing cooked vegan food is so much easier. Vegans rely on big companies to supply vegan processed foods such as mock sausages, vegan cheeses, pasta, bread, vegan sweets, etc., etc.,… On a vegan diet, we were still in the clutches of the big companies, such as the sugar and corn syrup giants… (Watch: The Sugar Conspiracy)
As salt-free raw vegans, we were on our own, and it was very very lonely……
It is like being on a different planet.
That is why the benefits also are out of this world. For me, the most important benefit of being raw vegan is health for my family and I. The anti ageing benefit is just a bonus. 
Love, Melissa Keath
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