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WALKING WITH LIONS is a new series of e-books by Melissa Keath, which can help us raise our consciousness to achieve paradise on earth.

Paradise or heaven is not far away. We do not have to wait until we die. In actual fact, if we learn to raise our frequency to the frequency of heaven while in the physical body, we can experience freedom and unconditional love right here, right now.

Are you ready to return to the frequency of your soul’s true home? All we have to do is recognise the mind’s habits and stop using those habits.




God + Ego = Man
Man – Ego = God
a wise man once said.We are all a part of God, but we are trained to believe that we are as weak as sheep. Are you interested in working on freeing your soul from the shackles of the ego?
The first ebook in the series of WALKING WITH LIONS: PRACTICING ONENESS IS AVAILABLE NOW!In reality, we are royalty surrounded by beautiful lions who, unseen by physical eyes, walk beside us.Now is the time to help raise the frequency of the world as the matrix is falling away and we can see evil as it is.Start using your pineal gland daily to become one with the higher self and be part of the golden age continuing its unfoldment.


“Dear future reader – get ready to truly go down the rabbit hole of spirituality & awareness. I was caught by surprise how deep & enlightening this book is. Melissa takes the biggest spiritual lessons (I am still working on a few close to my 50s) and truly explains what we need to do in order to become happy, to love ourselves & make our own life better, maybe even easier. Fantastic read for everyone who is looking for a little spiritual awakening start up encyclopedia & to upgrade him/herself a bit. Love it & recommend it to all people that want to be better humans.”
Health Coach: Bianca ~ @OrangeHealia

“Walking with Lions is a journey to “oneness.” In Melissa’s 9 step guide she teaches you the fundamental steps to being one. Melissa helps you understand why things happen to us in life and how to grow through them. Life lessons on love, empathy and reaching your highest self. A riveting book to help transform the body, mind and soul into becoming one.”

Health Coach: Jade ~ @jadeyjustme