9 Books Gift Box – printed books


This box set of 9 books contains almost 500 delicious, easy to follow, ingenious, never seen before raw vegan recipes for every occasion to keep adults and children happy and satisfied on raw food. Each recipe comes with a full-colour photograph, easy to follow instructions and best of all simple alkalising ingredients! This box set is the ultimate gift, to yourself or somebody else, capable of deeply changing a person’s life for the better.


Being able to prepare tasty, gluten-free, salt-free, cashew-free, and preservative-free raw food is a very useful skill and simpler than we think. Preparing raw food is not just simple and very enjoyable, it also sets us free from our dependency on large corporations, who supply pre-packaged food with harmful additives and inferior ingredients. Being independent of processed foods is very empowering and sets an excellent example for children and generations to come.

Living on raw vegan food has uncountable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.  Interestingly, the raw vegan way of life is the most sustainable way of all. If we take nature as an example, we realise that nothing is ever wasted, but also that no other being on earth heats their food.

Instead of feeling superior to animals, we will benefit by taking our beautiful fellow beings as an example and neither waste nor heat the precious resources given to us.

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